Wednesday, 28 September 2016

20 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 20 week pregnancy update....

So, I completely forgot to take a picture this week but thought I would include one of the scan and a little baby-grow Chris and I brought just after it. 

Symptoms: I am amazed that I am now half way!!! And this week, I have felt very normal. I am slightly tired at times but I don't think it's anything to do with pregnancy, probably just down to working and normal life with a toddler.  

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular this week!
Movement: We had the 20 week scan and I found out that the placenta is at the front, as I had suspected, which is why I have not felt movements quite as much recently. 
Sleep: I have had no problems sleeping this week - Chris got my pregnancy pillow down from the loft a few weeks ago but I have only just started using it (forgot how comfy it was)! 

Things I am missing: I am missing my wardrobe, big time, as I have very little things to wear at the moment. Think I am going to have to start doing some serious maternity shopping!!!
Best Moment: Having the 20 week scan and hearing that the little one is growing just perfectly, actually on the slightly small size which is not like Jackson at all!! But they do say that the baby doesn't really start piling on the weight until 28 weeks, so we'll just have to wait and see! All the other checks came back fine and he/she looks like a healthy baby. 
Not really sure how I managed to not ask but we decided that we would not find out what we were having this time.
Worst Moment: Nothing comes to mind this time, must have been a lovely week!!
Love Sophia xxx

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