Monday, 19 September 2016

Me Time

When you become a mum, 'me time' doesn't come around as often as it might have done before. Some reason's for this are obvious but also I work 4 days a week and, being pregnant at the same time, I am normally very tired by about 8:30pm every night. When Chris is home, I love spending time as a family but I do also think it is important to try and squeeze in a few things that are just for yourself, something I feel its extra important now as it is going to be even harder to do when number 2 comes along! 

One thing that I have started doing this week is Pregnancy Yoga. I also did this when I was pregnant with Jackson and absolutely loved it, so this time round it was a no-brainer. Every Tuesday between 7:30-9:00pm I head down to a local class and have some mummy and baby-bump time (I went for the first session last week and it made me realise just how inflexible I have got!!).

Something I used to do religiously was to get my nails done every 2-3 weeks. Now that doesn't happen quite so often but one of my really good mummy friends is an excellent Beautician, so I am able to head round to her and do my nails when the babies are in bed, which is brilliant because, otherwise, I don't think I could ever get to the salon! 

Jackson is having at least an hour nap in the afternoons at the moment. It is amazing how much you can get done in that time - I normally make dinner, do the dishwasher, tidy up a bit and have some rest by either watching some trashy TV or quite often I will write a blog or upload a picture, anything to do with my blogging hobby really. 

Finally, something we have set up recently that makes us very lucky indeed; for the last month, my mum takes Jackson on a Thursday evening every other week at around 5:00pm and I don't pick him up until the next day around lunchtime!!!! It was my mum that suggested and even requested we do this and it means that by 5:30pm on a Thursday, I have finished work, am baby-free and Chris is not coming home for another hour. Therefore, I race around tidying up and then jump in the bath (I love taking baths, especially when I am pregnant). Normally, the only way I get to have a bath is by sharing it with Jackson which, don't get me wrong is a lot of fun but, as I am sure you can imagine, is definitely not relaxing! 

It isn't a massive list but I think doing a few things like this is really important to not let the daily routine get on top of you! What do you guys do for some 'me time'? 

Love Sophia xxx

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