Monday, 5 September 2016

Favourite Toddler Books

Recently, Jackson has really started to become a bit of a book worm. I thought that I would share some of his favourite books at the moment:

'Poppy Cat Loves Reading' - We got this one when we registered the little man's name. It's about 'Poppy' the cat reading different books and each page has pull-down flaps for him to look at. I am not sure how long this one will last though, as he gets quite rough with the flaps sometimes! 

'First Words'- again, this one is a flap book, where each picture reveals the word behind it. He both loves doing it himself and also watching me turn the flaps and pages for him. 

'Mr Men: Mr Happy's Smiley Day' - I loved Mr Men books when I was little and have all of mine in the loft ready to give to Jackson when he's a bit older. When I saw this hard copy, I had to buy it for him. I am so pleased to say that it is one he brings me to read over and over again. It's a very simple story of how Mr Happy is happy all the time. 

'Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals!' - In this one, the Cat goes to each animal to say goodnight. All of the animals are also textured, so Jackson loves stroking all of them and saying quack quack as he does it, regardless of the animal, which seems to be a new thing he does after we showed him what noise ducks make! 

Do your children have any favourites or do you remember any of your's from when you were young? 

Love Sophia xxx

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