Friday, 9 September 2016

Bedtime Routine

I love to hear about other people's routines with their children, so I thought that I would share Jackson's typical evening/bedtime routine...

I call the the period from 4pm onwards, each day, the 'Witching Hour'! This is when Jackson starts to get really hungry and tired. I try to delay dinner until 5pm everyday but that just doesn't always work. Often we head to the local park to try and distract his hangryness! Then, when it is finally time for food, he wolfs it down and has been needing less and less help to do so recently!

Normally by about 6pm, Daddy is home and always gets the best welcome from Jackson. He has a quick play and then it's upstairs for a well needed bath. 

Jackson has a bit of eczema so I don't always use bubble bath, but if I do, I use the 'Burt's Bees' one, as it is very natural and organic. We also use the Burt's Bees shampoo a few times a week on his hair (normally every other day). 

Jackson loves the bath, his favourite game is throwing the toys out of the tub and getting water all over the floor - he also loves splashing and soaking Mummy and Daddy! 

After his bath, we smother Jackson in coconut oil and then get him ready for bed (look how straight his hair is afterwards!!).

He is then normally crying for his milk by the time he comes back downstairs. We have normally recorded 'In the Night Garden' on CBeebies, so one of us gets a cuddle while he watches it and drinks his milk. 

By 7:30pm, he is put to bed for the night. 

Let me know if your little one's routines differ at all! 

Love Sophia xxx

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