Wednesday, 21 September 2016

19 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 19 week pregnancy update....

Symptoms: I have been very tired this week but think it is partly down to the fact that I have gone back to working 4 days a week, now that the Summer Holidays are over, and back to my normal working hours. I have also been quite busy most evenings.  

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular this week!
Movement: The baby's movements have got weaker and I don't feel quite as often. My midwife did make a good point though, that I may not feel as much as I am busy with a toddler this time, whereas, when pregnant with Jackson, I would focus on it more. 
Sleep: I have struggled to get to sleep this week but once I am asleep, I am sound asleep (apart from during those crazy storms the other night)! 

Things I am missing: This is the same as last week really but instead of wine, I have missed cocktails!!! We went out for a date-night for our anniversary to The Crazy Bear and they do the best cocktails ever (I did have a cheeky sip of Chris' Mojito, which tasted amazing!!). I also had a mini glass of bubbles on Sunday and definitely miss that!
Best Moment: I started pregnancy yoga this week and felt amazing afterwards, as I slept soooooooo well. I left the studio already looking forward to next week's session. 
Worst Moment: I love the sun but at the moment I have no proper summer clothes that fit properly and there really isn't any point in buying any, seen as it will turn to Autumn soon. I just don't feel comfortable in what I have which is frustrating. However, I still would never wish away this amazing weather we have had!
Love Sophia xxx

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