Wednesday, 9 November 2016

27 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 27 week pregnancy update...

Symptoms: I just feel so pregnant this week and bending down is getting very difficult. I am feeling very emotional again and I seem to be so much bigger than with Jackson. During my last pregnancy, I loved watching my belly grow but this time I feel very body concious. If I wear anything other than a baggy jumper, I don't feel confident at all, which I do think is largely down to my boobs which are massive already. I'm not a fan of my boobs when I am not pregnant but now they are a good few sizes bigger, I hate them!!! 

Food Cravings: Just food in general, which doesn't help with my body issues when all you want to do is eat!!!
Movement: I have had a busy week so have felt less movement, but all is still good on that front and the bubba still moves regularly. 

Sleep: I have been doing a lot of blogging bits this week, which I can only really do when Jackson goes to bed. That means I have been going to sleep very late! 

Things I am missing: Nothing this week.
Best Moment: I am afraid, whilst writing this blog, I have been very emotional and just can't think of anything! Hopefully I will have lots next week.
Worst Moment: Feeling sad about my body, which I just feel guilty for because I know how lucky I am to be pregnant. Also, I had the flu jabs which I never enjoy - being stabbed with needles is not pleasant!! 
Love Sophia xxx

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