Wednesday, 16 November 2016

28 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 28 week pregnancy update...

Sorry no picture this week! 

Symptoms: I had horrible heartburn this week (this baby must have hair as long as mine!!). I have also had a few headaches, which have even woken me up some nights. Still been a bit emotional at times but feeling much better than last week. I have also had some discomfort near my C-Section scar, unsure it it is just lower pain, like normal, or scar pain.
Food Cravings: Apples, but I haven't had too many because of the heart burn!
Movement: The baby has moved very low down; I keep thinking he/she is trying to get out!!!!!
Sleep: Been sleeping fine this week apart from the occasional wake up with a headache.

Things I am missing: Nothing this week.
Best Moment: My goregous first boy has been really nice towards the end of this week. We have had a tough few weeks with him being really naughty, which not only has been very tiring but makes you question yourself as a mama. 
Worst Moment: I think the worst part was Jackson being sick with a 24 hour bug. He's only ever been sick (propper sick I mean, not baby sick!) twice in his little life. I hated it, however, I did get some epic cuddles!!!
Love Sophia xxx

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