Wednesday, 30 November 2016

30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here is my 30 week pregnancy update...

Symptoms: My sciatic nerve pain is the same as last week and I am starting to struggle with bending down. I also had a midwife appointment the other day and I am measuring quite big (scary to think this bubba might be the same size as Jackson was!) but everything was all good. I got my results back from my gestational diabetes test too and they came back negative. They did, however, find that my iron levels were a little on the low side but nothing to worry about yet - she did mention if I felt tired or out of breath, to get it checked out, so basically if I feel pregnant then??!!!
Food Cravings: Diet Coke but it has to be from the can! 
Movement: The movements have defiently changed into rolls rather than kicks. Chris has managed to feel loads this week which is lovely too. 
Sleep: I have not had the best week for sleep. One night I actually woke Chris up as it felt like my calf muscle had popped out of place and it was so painful! I had that quite a bit last pregnancy as well. Chris thinks that it is like what footballers get when they get sudden cramp and roll around on the floor, which makes me feel a bit better about it! 
Things I am missing: Sleep!! 
Best Moment: Getting started on Jackson's big boy room - it's so close to being finished!! 
Worst Moment: Had a cold, so missed yoga again. 
Love Sophia xxx

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