Monday, 28 November 2016

Weekly meal plan #5

This weeks meal plan consists of some nice and easy recipes. Plus Chris even said he'll cook a meal one day (even easier for me)!!!!  

Chicken Stir Fry- I brought some of the pre-prepared stir fry vegetables for this meal which make it super easy. Then I'll just do a quick sauce with ginger, soy sauce and whatever else I fancy.

Cider and Mustard Chicken - I'll serve this with some mash potatoes.

Homemade Pizza - Chris really wanted to make pizzas so this will be a nice evening off cooking duties for me!!

Spag-bol - I'll make loads of this to put some in the freezer.

Lamb Shanks and Cous Cous - We have this meal quite a lot as it is one of our favourites.

Love Sophia xxx

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