Thursday, 24 November 2016

What Jackson ate #1

Jackson has been on and off of his food recently. Some days he just doesn't want anything and others all he wants is fruit! It can be really draining, especially when you have spent a long time cooking a meal and all he does is throw it on the floor. Here is a list of what I 'tried' to give him on a typical day...

1/2 a hot cross bun with butter. On the side he also had 1/2 a banana, 1/2 a pear and some grapes. For a drink, he had a beaker of milk and a beaker of water, I tend to just leave the water around all day too so he can have some whenever he wants.

After this, he asked for more food so he had a crumpet, with butter and marmite, and a tangerine.  

Mid-morning, he had a bread stick and an apple. 

Hidden veggie pasta - I cooked broccoli, mushrooms, leeks and a tinned tomato and then blended it all to make a yummy sauce for the pasta. It's a brilliant way to get all the good stuff into your child without them knowing! I also gave him some cut up grapes and the rest of the banana from the morning. 

Banana bread, tangerine and a fig biscuit - quite a big snack but he woke up from his nap starving!

For dinner, it was left over roast ham from the day before. He ate about a 1/3 and then threw the rest on the floor!!
Dessert was a yogurt and some pineapple. 

He was offered milk before bed but he didn't really have any. 

Hope you enjoyed a day in Jackson's tummy!!

Love Sophia xxx

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