Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Review

 A few months back, my sister in-law bought a new stroller and I immediately had stroller envy! At the time, we had another one from a leading brand (I wont mention which one, as I don't want to bash it seen as we did get really good use from it!) which we were starting to find was really big. However, the reason that we brought it in the first place was because it went up to 20kg, whereas most of the others only went up to 15kg, which in our case would not have been worth it as Jackson was already over 13.5kg!

When I started to look more into the Mountain Buggy, it too went up to 20kg. However, the main feature, for me, was that it folds up so small (I haven't yet tried it but they do say you can take it on an airplane as hand luggage, which is very handy).  Most of the time, I keep a double buggy in the car but the Mountain Buggy stroller can also fit alongside it, which makes my life much easier, not having to get buggies in and out of the garage everyday. 

With baby number 2 on the way, I again will be needing a double buggy but I will still have both buggy's in the car, more for the reason that there will often be times that I will want to baby-wear our new baby and have Jackson in the buggy. 

The only down side to this buggy is that it is only suitable from 6 months, although, saying this, you can use the buggy with your car seat but to be honest I don't think it looks that secure (I have not had the chance to try this so don't take my word for that!!!)

It does come in a few colours but I liked the black one the best. 

Jackson doesn't seem squashed in it like he does with some others. 

Here it is folded. 

It did come with a carry bag but we have never used it and to be honest not sure where it is!!

Have you been through a couple of buggies/strollers to find your perfect one? 

Love Sophia xxx 

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