Monday, 14 November 2016

Weekly meal plan #4

It's getting really cold now, so time to get out the Slow Cooker, which I think is one of the best kitchen appliances for families or for people that work long hours. I have been searching the internet and my cookbooks for the best comforting meals...

Baked Ham in Cola with Potatoes and Vegetables - I am going to make a big one with this, so that we can use it for a couple of this week's dinners. 

Mustard Chicken and Bacon with Mash and Vegetables - another slow cooked meal that sounds really tasty! 

Tarka Dahl - I have never made this before but it looks yummy. Another one I am going to make in the Slow Cooker this week.

Italian Stallion Sausages - This is a Joe's Wicks recipe. I will make double the portions so I can freeze half of them.

Chicken Pie - This is another Joe wicks recipe and one that I have made recently and kept in the freezer.

Let me know your favourite Slow Cooker recipes!

Love Sophia xxx


  1. I don't have a slow cooker but jacket potatoes are a winner in my household, shove in the oven go to playground, come back dinner is served! With butter, beans and cheese please.

    1. I always forget about jacket potatoes! I think my favourite filling is tuna and sweetcorn. xx