Thursday, 3 November 2016

Baby Wishlist

For our new baby, we pretty much have everything we need, except for a few unisex clothes. I don't want to buy too many, as I want to buy most of the baby grows once we know the sex of the baby. 

One thing I do definitely need is a double Buggy. Jackson will be just over 22 months (if baby arrives on time) and I don't think that he will be old enough to do that much walking around. I think that we might be going for this mountain buggy one but we haven't really been to see any yet. My essentials are: side by side, easy to fold and needs to fit in my car's boot (any recommendations welcome).
We have already got a 'Besafe' car seat that we spent ages researching about for Jackson, trying to find the 'safest' one. However, I have recently come across the Doona Car Seat. My reasons for possibly wanting to buy this are: I don't have a drive, so I park nearby and if this baby is anywhere close to Jackson's size, I will struggle carrying a massive baby and ensuring my toddler is safe too. The only problem is that the ISOFIX Base is an additional cost!! I feel that this would be a luxury so I think we will have to wait and see closer to the time. 
I came across this on Instagram - Whisbear. it's a toy that responds to your babies cry and helps soothe them. I feel that, being a second baby, I may not be able to rush to them every time they cry, like I did with Jackson, so having this may give me a bit more time (wishful thinking!?). 

In the baby room, we currently have a changing topper on his chest of draws, however it is sooooo scratched up (very poor for a John Lewis product). The drawers are still fine though and seems a bit extreme to buy a whole new changing table. Again, on Instagram, I came across this changing Basket. I think that it looks really nice and may give the bedroom a new look. I also like that it is portable so could take it around the house with me. 
With Jackson, I loved using the sleeping bags (actually still do use them). A friend did find these Merino Sleeping bags when we had Jackson but we already had a few so didn't buy them. This time around I am definitely going to get them - they regulate your babies temperature so that you can use the same one all year round. They also fit a 3 - 24 months old or probably sooner if you have giant babies like me! I am going to buy one unisex before the baby is born and then one after. They are expensive but the fact you only need the same one all year round and up until they are 2, I think its worth it.  

Apart from that I think it will just be personalising the room once they are here!

Do you have any recommendations of new products that you've loved? 

Love Sophia xxx

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