Monday, 7 November 2016

What's in my changing bag

I think that everyone should give this blog a go as it makes you give your bag a good clear out! I found a load of receipts, lots of tissues and some half eaten food - just Gross!!!!

Four days a week, I work as a childminder so I not only run after my toddler boy but often at least one other child!! This is why I opted for a back pack because its just easier to throw it on my back while chasing the little monkeys around! This one is from ASOS for a bargain of £30.

Now that Jackson is older, I don't need to bring quite as much with me as I did when he was a baby. In the main compartment I have a bag which I use as the nappy & changing bag - Inside, I have the normal nappies, wipes, nappy sacks and a few tester tubes of nappy creams (we have been quite lucky and Jackson hasn't suffered that much from nappy rash but they are still in there just incase). I also have a change of clothes for Jackson in the back pack; this isn't always in there but when going further away from home, I do tend to bring one with me. 

Also in the main compartment we have a bike lock. This is actually in there from Centre Parcs but I think that it's good to have incase you have to leave your buggy unattended anywhere. 

One really important thing, of course, is the snacks!!!!!!!!! I also do put water in when we are going out. 

I carry a few of these disposable bibs too, just incase he eats something messy or is going to have lunch out. 

The last things that I always have in the main compartment are my purse and of course a bag for life, as I don't want to pay 5p for a bag every time I go to the shops! 

In the front little pocket I normally have my camera (but I am taking pictures on it at the moment, which is why you can't see it!), my phone, mints (mainly from the 1st trimester but occasionally I feel a little sick and still need one) and a lip balm. 

Depending on what we are doing, I often have some toys with me too. 

Do you carry anything different for your toddlers? 

Love Sophia xxx

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