Wednesday, 23 November 2016

29 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 29 week pregnancy update...

Symptoms: Emotions have been all over the place lately, which means I have been massively overreacting to everything!!! Lower pain is the same as last week but with some added Sciatic Nerve pain. I didn't manage to go to yoga this week either, as I got Jackson's bug that day, so this may have added to the pain too. I have also been sooooo tired, not like normal tiredness but pregnancy tiredness!!!!
I have also had my gigastional diabetes test done, which was so boring (the reason that I had to have it was because Jackson was such a big baby!!!).When having the test, you are not aloud to eat or drink for 12 hours beforehand (only a little water). My appointment was at 9am when I had the first set of bloods taken and then get given a horrible drink! Then you have to wait 2 hours (you're still not allowed to eat or drink anything in this time) and then have the next set of bloods done. I went on my own, Jackson went to my mum's which I am so glad about. I am also glad that the hospital had good WIFI as my phone had ran out of data - I did bring a book with me but just can't get into it at the moment, so any recommendations would be much appreciated!! 
Food Cravings: Nothing much this week. Chris on the other hand has brought home a lot of treats this week (I think he is nervous that we won't have any more in the house for a while!). 
Movement: Lots of movements this week, some days the baby just goes crazy! Also I do feel that the movements are starting to change more into proper movements rather than just kicks. Lots of people have felt the baby move now! 
Sleep: I have been tossing and turning a lot more this week, which I think is due to my size waking me up. 
Things I am missing: Nothing this week.
Best Moment: Jackson now points to my belly and says 'bebie', which I still don't think that he understands but it is so cute. He gives my belly tons of kisses and cuddles too. 
Worst Moment: Not being well - it's hard enough being pregnant and ill but being a mama too is difficult!!!!
Love Sophia xxx

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