Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Day in the life through photos

I wanted to share our typical day through photos with you all, so here are my favourite ones...

This one woke up in a really good mood (look at that hair!!!!). He has started to get out of his sleeping bag every night, so I have now put a few blankets in his cot to keep him warm, but I think it may be time to get him a duvet. 

Breakfast time, which of course included a banana.

Mama and Dada's breakfast.

Playtime before his cousin gets dropped off for a play-date.

The weather was gorgeous so we headed to the park for a play...

...and then we took a walk through park. 

Had a little rest on the way!

This one chose not to nap today, the only thing that got me through the afternoon was 'Frozen', which he had a little sing-along to! 

Having a chat with Dada.

Then having a kiss with his baby brother or sister! 

Someone was ready for dinner, however, he had pasta and tomato sauce so this was definitely a highchair meal!!!!

A bit of a play and 'In the Night Garden' before bath time.

Jackson tries to walk up the stairs like an adult and is refusing help. Scares me every time!!!

Running a big bath and Mama decided to join! 

Look at this cutie. 

I didn't take anymore photos from the evening for two reasons; No.1 - No napping from Jackson makes a very, very tired Mama, No.2 - after the bath I took off all my makeup and looked rather terrible!!!! 

Love Sophia xxx

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