Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!

It's seems that every year this American tradition becomes more and more popular in the UK - It certainly has in our house! I have put a few decorations up this year (mainly bought last year in the sales)...

Please excuse the wipes, I forgot to move them before the photo (#reallife)!

We also did the pumpkin picking, mentioned in a previous blog, which was just so much fun!!!

Chris and I carved some pumpkins but we did this when Jackson was in bed, as he's still too little to do it. Chris gets very serious about this, he was googling ideas a few days before!

Instead of carving one, we let Jackson paint a pumpkin. He thought that this was the best thing ever!

On the actual night of Halloween, I went out to the theatre with my mum and sister, leaving the boys to see all the Trick or Treaters. We didn't get him an outfit this year as he again was too little to go out trick or treating but I did however get him a couple of halloween themed clothes (which he will wear for most of the Autumn season!!!).

What did you all do for Halloween? 

Love Sophia xxx

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