Wednesday, 12 October 2016

23 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 23 week pregnancy update....

Symptoms: At the beginning of this week, the baby was soooooo low down, basically sitting in my hips. The bubba has now moved a bit higher which is making it so much easier to bend down and also to pick up Jackson. Again, heartburn has been bad this week unfortunately. 
Food Cravings: Avocado and Feta!!!!
Movement: They baby seems to be falling into a little routine, still not a really set one but I am noticing a bit of a pattern. Chris also managed to feel the bubba again but a lot higher up this time!
Sleep: Totally normal this week. 

Things I am missing: Really not much this week. I was starting to miss the ability to bend over but now that the little one has moved up, that's not longer such an issue. 
Best Moment: Jackson hasn't been unwell this week, but as much as I have hated being in all the time, it has been lovely spending time just as Mama and Jackson. We also had a midwife appointment, so we got to hear the heartbeat again, which is always lovely and reassuring. 
Worst Moment: My little J being poorly!! 
Love Sophia xxx

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