Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pumpkin Patch Picking

Something I have seen all over Instagram lately is lots of gorgeous photos of toddlers and children pumpkin picking - so I just had to get on the band wagon! I searched the internet and couldn't find any nearby, so it was a bit of a drive to our closest one - we went to Garsons in Esher and it was amazing!!!! There were so many different areas for 'pick your own' and they were so big you had to drive to each one! They also had areas that can be used for picnics, which we said we would definitely come back in the summer to use, as you could spend a good few hours there walking around the beautiful area. We bought 2 big pumpkins for our annual carving competition (look out for the photos which will be coming soon!). Here are some snaps of the day...

Afterwards, we went to the cafe for a slice of cake and a coffee. I brought Jackson some healthy melon from home which he ate like this...

Not sure where he gets that from?!

Love Sophia xxx

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