Monday, 24 October 2016

Jackson's Toddler Room Wish List

When we designed Jackson's nursery, we put him in the smallest room with the idea that when number two came along, we would move Jackson into our second, bigger bedroom. That means that now we get to design a big boy room for him!!! We want to do it this side of Christmas, so that he has time to settle into his new bedroom and not feel pushed out with the new baby arriving. 

We are moving some of the furnishing from his current baby room into his new one - I have done a blog post in the past about his baby room which you can see hereWe are also changing his curtains into a cordless blind for his big boy room, seen as he is a lot more mobile now and explores everything! There are a few extra bits that we want to buy too, which I have listed below. I have also linked each item to where they are each from... 

I think Jackson is still too little to go into a toddler bed, so we are going to buy a Cotbed, with the idea that within the next year, we can change it into the next size bed. I love this one with the added storage underneath.  
We are also going to get him a pillow and duvet to start getting him ready for the transition into the toddler bed. This means that we get to buy some fun duvet sets; I like this one from John lewis.

And this one from Asda.

It's still not a big room that he's moving into, so I like these wardrobes from Ikea, as they are so tall. I want one with double rails and the other with just shelves in. 
I want to keep quite a few toys upstairs so that he can play in his room when he wants to. I also have a comfy chair upstairs that I will hopefully use for breast feeding the baby, so having lots of toys there will be easier to keep Jackson occupied while I am doing so. I love this one from the Great Little Trading Company. You can also buy a cushion for the top. 

I want to have some of his books on show so that he can easily see them. I love these shelves from Ikea
Let me know if you have seen any other interesting accessories for a toddler's bedroom!

Love Sophia xxx 

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