Thursday, 27 October 2016

Open letter- Oct 16

Dear Jackson,

You are nearly 19 months old now and you just seem to be growing into a little boy more and more every day. You are saying new words everyday too - last night's was 'night night', which you said to Dadda on the phone.

I love watching you grow and learn new things, even if it does cause a few tantrums at times. Recently, whenever we park the car, you refuse to walk to our house, screaming and throwing yourself on the floor, all because you have learnt that the park is in the other direction.

Another of your new words is 'no', but you say it more like the guy from 'The Vicar of Dibley' - 'nononononono', apart from the fact that you don't end it in a yes! You really know what you want now and don't like it when I tell you something you don't want to hear. We visited our neighbours house a few days ago and it took 20 mins to walk between our two houses as you wanted to play in the trees outside instead, which I didn't mind as it was really sweet watching you play.

Today, I made sure that all my jobs were done so that we could have a Mama and Jackson day. This is something that I want to ensure that I make time to do as much as I can before your baby brother or sister is born. You are yet to understand that a baby will be joining our family but I know that you are going to be a brilliant big brother because, with all the other babies that you know, you shower them with kisses and cuddles. Sometimes you are a bit rough by pulling their arm or poking them in the eye, but I think that you are just trying to work them out. So we might not leave you to babysit just yet (hehe)!

Back to today, we went swimming in a new pool which neither of us had been to before. You loved it, splashing around and jumping into the pool. You seemed to know so many people and toddlers there, as you were waving at everyone - you have more friends than anyone I know!!! Your gorgeous grin always gets people's attention and they stop in the street to have a talk when they see you. The other day, you had the lady in the local jewellers waving to you as she was putting new stock in the window (a good place to have friends as Mama has a birthday coming up!).

Keep being your happy little self, your Mama loves you more than you know.

Love Mama xxx

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