Friday, 14 October 2016

A Week on Jackson's Dinner Plate

I have shared Jackson's breakfasts and lunches before, so thought that I would write about his dinners too...

Jackson normally eats the same dinners as we do, so you also get a sneak peak into what we eat. For most days, I actually forgot to photograph the puddings, mainly because I tend to wait and see how well Jackson has eaten his main meal before deciding what to give him for dessert!

Day one: Sausage and Lentil Casserole with hidden peppers and courgettes (I think this is my favourite home cooked meal!!!), plus some carrots on the side. He also had a yogurt for pudding. 

Day two: Chilli Con Carne pasta bake. Again, he had a yogurt for pudding. 

Day Three:  We had a very poorly baby on this day; he had a sore throat so we gave him a classic sickness dinner - Tomato soup with bread and butter. We also struggled to get water in him that day, so we gave him watermelon for pudding. Sorry, no picture for this one but you all know what it looks like! 

Day Four: I made Pork Stir Fry with green beans, peppers and onions, served with rice. I have to admit, this did not go down too well! He didn't eat any of the vegetables and found the pork a bit too chewy. He had grapes, rice cakes and a yogurt as well, to make sure that his tummy was full. 

Day Five: It was a nice and easy dinner tonight! This is one of Gigi's recipes that I try to copy but with tinned tomato instead of the gorgeous, fresh tomatoes we normally have in Greece. I also put in eggs, feta, spring onions and a little chorizo. He also had a piece of toast on the side (which he had already had a quarter if when i took this photo!). For pudding, he had some blueberries. 

Day Six: Today I feel that it's not a very toddler friendly dinner but Jackson seemed to love it. He had Lamb Cutlet, couscous with veggies thrown in, broccoli and some humous for dipping. For pudding, he had chopped up apple and a teaspoon of peanut butter. 

Day Seven: Tonight on the menu is fish fingers, mash and carrots - something nice and easy. It's a meal that I know he will eat and every now and again it's not the end of the world that he has it.

I hope this has given you all some ideas for some yummy dinners!

Love Sophia xxx

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