Wednesday, 19 October 2016

24 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 24 week pregnancy update....

Symptoms: This week, I am getting more numbness and a bit of pain near my C-Section scar. I have spoken to the midwife about it, at our last appointment, and she just said to keep an eye on it and if the pain gets really bad (which it's not at the moment) to then go and see a doctor. Apart from that, I have just had a lovely week - we have been on holiday so Chris has been around, which does massively help when looking after Jackson! 
Food Cravings: Nothing much this week. 
Movement: Lots of movements this week, Chris has felt the Bubba quite often as well. 
Sleep: I have been dreaming loads this week and have also been waking up quite early, which is a bit pants, especially when your boys are sleeping in!!! 
Things I am missing: Wine again this week, I think that's mainly because of being away and having that holiday feeling! 
Best Moment: Going on our last family holiday as a family of 3!!!!
Worst Moment: Nothing this week as it has been an amazing week!!! Shame we need money to live as it would be lovely to have Chris around more! Was so much fun.
Love Sophia xxx

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