Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 Goals

Last year, I wrote a blog all about my 2016 goals. I have done my best to stick to them...  

1. Get back into regular exercise - I started with this but then fell pregnant and had horrible all-day nauseousness, so it kind of went out the window after that! I have been doing pregnancy yoga though. 

2. Drink more water every day - I would say that this has been up and down too. I have definitely started to drink a lot more than before but some days are better than others.

3. Worry less about a clean house - I feel that I have a really good routine now, so have been nailing this one. Throw in a 2nd baby and I am not sure I will be saying the same next time around though! 

4. Keep up with my blog - I have definitely succeeded at this one and since August, I have been taking it a bit more seriously.

5. Do one thing a week which is just for myself - I would say that writing my blog is 'my' thing. I love doing it and it's just for myself really.

6. Save money and spend less - I am a lot more conscious about money and don't splash it about on rubbish like I used to. 

This year I have really thought about my 2017 goals. Here they are:

1. Have a good birth and a healthy baby - I had a C-Section with Jackson and I would love to have a natural birth this time but my obvious main priority is a healthy baby, so I will go with whatever the professionals tell me is best. 

2. Take a family holiday aboard; Chris and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage this Summer and we want to go away as a family of 4 for the first time! 

3. I love writing for my blog, which is something I never thought that I would do. However, I would also like to focus more on the other side of the blogging world and hopefully take it to the next level.

4. Vlog more - I want to video as much as possible when this baby is little and show how Jackson goes from an only child to a big brother! 

5. Lose the baby weight for Chloe's wedding - it doesn't give me long after baby (about 6 months) but I just want to do my best to get back into shape! 

What are your 2017 goals? 

Love Sophia xxx

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