Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Baby Hospital Bag

As you will know from one of my previous blogs, I have packed my bag for all of the essentials needed for our upcoming BIG day, click here to see! However, I decided it would be a good idea to  have a separate bag packed for the baby, as this will make it easier for Chris so that all of the bits are together in their own areas.

The first things in baby's bag are 3 x babygrows - Jackson was a big boy when he was born so I have only brought 0-3 month ones this time, incase we have another chubster!
The rainbow one is from JoJo Maman Bebe.
The grey one is from John Lewis.
The plain one is also from John Lewis.

To go with these, I have also included 3 x vests. They are 'first' size from Next and they are ones that we used for Jackson. I have also washed 0-3 months vests and have them ready in the nursery drawers so that, if they don't fit, Chris knows exactly where they are. I also threw in the long sleeved one incase it's a bit cold.

He/She is going to be a winter baby, so I had to buy a pram-suit and a hat for the way home, which will also be good for when we are out and about during the first few weeks of being at home. These are both from Gap and I bought the booties separately.
Pram-suit- Gap
Booties- Gap (I think they have sold out)
Hat and Mittens- Asda

When I had my C-section with Jackson, they told us to bring a hat to put on him once he was born, so we've packed this one just in case things go the same way.
Hat and Bib Set- Next 

Another item I have thrown in is this gorgeous blanket from John Lewis. It's not too big so will be perfect for hospital and it's one we got for Jackson but we didn't use it that much (he had a blue star one that was very similar).

Jackson didn't like to be swaddled but this baby might, if not I can just use this as a blanket (or to mop up sick!). I haven't got it yet but this is the one I have ordered - Jojo Maman Bebe. 

Muslins are a real must when you have babies - they can be used to protect things or just to mop up sick (seems to be a common situation!).

Nappies; we all know what they do and what they look like. I actually can't believe that Jackson ever fitted into ones this small!!!

Professionals seem to recommend cotton wool and water for newborns but I was told about these wipes when I was pregnant with Jackson and they were brilliant. Therefore, thought we would pack some for this time around.

Finally, Chris bought the baby this really cute dinosaur teddy. He did the same for Jackson and we have a lovely photo of him with it in hospital, so I want to do the same with this bubba!

I think that I have everything but let me know if you think I have missed anything.

Love Sophia xxx

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