Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Going Minimalistic

When you have a newborn/little baby, they have soooooo many large items around the house. I actually think that Jackson, as a newborn, took up more space than he does now, even though he has so many toys today!

Having dusty shelves and crumbs on the floor is also something that really stresses me out, but that is not to say that every time someone comes to my house you would find it spotless. I have a child and really want to make sure that I spend as much time with Jackson as possible without wasting it doing loads of cleaning. With the new baby on it’s way too, I want to ensure that I have a stress free environment and am able to spend as much time with them both as I possibly can.

I have recently read a few blogs on going minimalistic, including 'The girl behind the camera' and 'Nourishing Minimalism'. They have given me some great ideas and really sparked my enthusiasm for giving the minimalist thing a go. I am going to do it in stages, mainly so that Chris doesn't have a shock when he comes home from work to find a cushion on the floor where the sofa once was! He is slowly coming round to this idea but, like most, he thinks our house will feel less homely and too clinical if we get rid of too much. I don't think this is the case, if you do it right, and I will still have colour in the house such as photos on the walls and cushion on the sofa. I just want the useless stuff gone - it's hard to admit at first that something you have brought with your hard earned cash was, to be honest, a complete waste of money!! Which actually leads onto my next main reason for doing this; it will definitely make me think twice when buying something, hopefully leading to me saving more money for the more important things in life. When having children, I don’t think that you can be completely minimalistic, as they just need a lot of stuff around. What I want to achieve is clever storage solutions and a nice stress free space.

From about October-time, I have started to sell a few bits around our home and have really been trying to de-clutter. One of the items I have sold was a corner bookcase, which I did really love but it was just a place to have ornaments and collect dust. Actually, now I have sold it, it has made so much space and massively opened up the room.

However, as I am writing this, it is the 1st January and we are away from home. I keep finding myself thinking about the Christmas clutter that is still up and the not-so-clean house I have waiting for me when we return. It’s funny how I always count down the days until I can put up the decorations up for Christmas but as soon as it has been and gone, I suddenly see the dust collecting on them and realise how little space we currently have!

Every month from now on, I will be checking that what we have are actually bits that we want to keep. This does not necessarily mean that I will be removing everything from our kitchen and sorting through it. I will just have a look at a cupboard at a time and think to myself, 'do I need/use everything in there?'. For the stuff we get rid of, I am going to try to sell as much of it as possible and then donate items that I think someone else might find useful. 

Let me know if anyone else is thinking of doing this or if you already have. 

Love Sophia xxx

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