Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Being a Stay at Home, Working Mum

When my Maternity Leave came to an end with Jackson, the thought of going back to work and being away from my little baby was so difficult. I know that I am not alone with this but I ended up being one of the lucky ones who could do something which meant that I didn't have to leave him - I decided to become a Childminder. I didn't really do it to make loads of money or grow a business, all I wanted was to make 'X' amount of money to help with our income and be with Jackson at the same time.

For most of the time, I would just have one other child, which meant that I could still give them both the right amount of attention and I could still head out to do all the activities that both Jackson and I love, by getting a double buggy to transport them both. Has it been difficult at times? Of course it has - anyone who has a toddler of their own knows it has it's testing moments but, wow, have I had some pretty amazing times too. For instance, watching Jackson's relationships grow with the other children I have looked after - with some of the regular children, they have formed more of a sibling-like relationship, which has been absolutely lovely to see.

I have really enjoyed being a Childminder and have been incredibly lucky with the particular children I have looked after, and their families, which I know has made the experience so much easier. I am now on Maternity Leave waiting for baby #2 to make their appearance. I wonder if Jackson is hoping for a little brother or a little sister?! 

However, after this period of Maternity, I am not sure what I am going to do. This is all very premature, I know, as I haven't even given birth yet and I expect that my feelings will all change after little Beebee is here. However, I feel that after nearly 2 years (3 years once my Maternity Leave is over) I will want to do something for myself, whether it be a new Career path or not. At this moment in time, I am not sure but, of course, I will want it to fit around my babies. I have started putting my thinking cap on already and I am trying to work towards a few goals, although I am also trying not to put too much pressure on myself right now, as this will be such a precious time when they are so little, which is time you don't get back once it has passed. I think we all look for that perfect job that gives the perfect balance BUT does it really exist!? It's such a big decision for me to make, one I hope will become clearer in the near future.

Any suggestions on that perfect job, please feel free to send them my way!!! 

Love Sophia xxx

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