Thursday, 12 January 2017

Truth about Motherhood

So, many people talk about pregnancy and what you should expect but they never really say it how it is. Before you read on, please note that I know how lucky I am to have my gorgeous boy and to be pregnant with the number 2!!!!

It is a fact that you are pregnant for about 9 months, however, the side effects last for so much longer, making it very similar to an Elephant pregnancy!!! One example of this is the fact that the weight that most people tend to put on takes well over 9 months to lose. Don't get me wrong, there are those lucky few (most of whom I am friends with - everyone I know that has given birth to #2 already look amazing!!!!) who shed the weight almost instantly, but not me! The 'tired bags under the eyes' look you get in the 3rd trimester seems to stay with you for a very long time too, even if your baby does sleep through the night with ease. 

My next point, which often isn't mentioned, is 'Mum Guilt'. This really is a thing (I wonder if all schools should stop teaching children to put condoms on bananas and showing them videos from the 1970s for sexual education, as all they need to do is explain and find a way for them to experience Mum Guilt!). It makes you feel terrible, especially at the moment when I am growing another child, you feel like you are going to forget about your first born! I thought that it would stop after a while but my Mum informed me that she still feels Mum Guilt with my sister and I (we are 26 and 29 by the way).

Some days, you will see your husband playing with your child and you will have so much love for him, you can't quite believe it is possible. Then, some other days and for no apparent reason at all, you will hate him to the point you do not even want to be in the same room! Why should you have to put up with all of the snot and tears everyday, only for your other half to come home and have nothing but smiles and giggles?!? 

Another thing to consider when having a child is, you are never alone!! Whenever you need to go to the loo, you must lock the door, else you will have a little visitor playing around you in the bathroom while you try to do your business (not off-putting at all!). The visitor also won't just sit there and be silent, he will start unrolling the loo roll, opening the doors and emptying the cupboard - just what you need. 

When you do have some rare alone-time, all you can think and talk about is your baby who you have left at home. They may as well be there with you, completely defeating the object of alone time.

Some days, you will love your children so much that you are worried you could actually eat them. Then again, some days you are pretty sure it's already time that they made it in the big wide world by themselves (please bear in mind my son is not even 2 yet and I already have these days).  

Your beautiful home, that you spent a lot of time and money making perfect for yourself, now resembles a cheap soft-play most of the time.

You actually see yourself age. It's quite amazing, every day you look in the mirror and you will have a new wrinkle or some more grey hairs.

A healthy diet is trying not to eat more than 4 biscuits and a chocolate bar each day, especially when breastfeeding when you wake up wanting to eat a roast dinner in the middle of the night.

I used to care a little about what I looked like and made sure I did things that I enjoyed. Now, all I care about is making Jackson happy. I suppose you could say that what makes me happy has changed. However, after an hour pushing your son on the swings, it gets a little old!

What do other Mama's think of these points? 

Love Sophia xxx

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