Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Baby Bookshelf

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I am going to keep changing Jackson's bookshelf to different themes; some will be seasonal, such as Christmas and Easter etc. but for the next few months, I am doing a new baby/big brother theme. 

I bought one of these books in the summer, which I was going to use in the announcement video we made but didn't in the end. I got the rest of them recently on eBay from one of the shops. They are all second hand but in good condition, as I didn't want to spend loads on them but still wanted a selection for us to read together. The eBay shop was and I think the total was about £11.24.

This is the one that I bought in the summer. It's quite a wordy one and I am not sure how I feel about being called a 'house' haha. 

The story is actually really nice though.

This next book is clever as it has more basic words at the top of each page and then at the bottom it has a more detailed story aimed at older children. 

'Waiting for Baby' has lots of questions in, which would be better for older children as you could discuss each question with them in detail.

Without realising when I bought it, this is actually from the same author as the last book, pictured above. Both do have gorgeous illustrations.

This book obviously only works for boys. It's a lovely story but it is very long - we haven't made it through to the end in one sitting yet! 

Did anyone else use books to try and explain new baby's? Did it work?

Love Sophia xxx

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