Wednesday, 18 January 2017

37 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 37 week pregnancy update...

I remembered a photo this week but forgot to get Chris to take one so it had to be a selfie from my phone! 
Symptoms: Wow, am I ready to have this baby!!!!! We have got everything sorted now and I have packed my hospital bag (Click here for mine and click here for the baby's), so feeling organised at last. However, I am just so fed up of being so slow and tired all of the time. Also, knowing that soon Chris will have 2 weeks off, it just can't come quick enough. I know that it's not exactly a relaxing holiday for the first 2 weeks of a little one's life but I can't wait for that baby bubble!
I think that this baby has definitely dropped/engaged, as the bump is lower and my peeing has increased ridiculously. My back has been really bad this week too, even sitting on the sofa makes it worse. 
I wanted to start having Raspberry Leaf Tea to try and help things along but then noticed that the ones I had were off, so I still need to get some more. I have started eating pineapple though, but I did read somewhere that you have to eat 7 in one go for it to work (not sure I could handle that much!). Since I have stopped working, I have also upped my walking to help with the process, as I have just the single buggy now. 
I went to my first Acupuncture this week - I haven't done it before and to be honest, haven't really thought that much about it. I have a few friends who say it has helped to get them pregnant so thought it was worth a go. It was an unusual feeling; it wasn't painful but you could feel the needles sticking in, especially when she twisted them.

All I have thought about this week is having a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) and how much I don't want a C-section this time. However, while saying that, it has just started to dawn on me that I will have to do this naturally!!!!!
Food Cravings: Diet Coke, again.
Movement: My whole belly has been moving loads this week, which makes me think this baby is going to be BIG.
Sleep: When I have been practising Hypnobirthing before bed, I have been sleeping much better. 
Things I am Missing: Putting on shoes easily. 
Best Moment: Getting everything ready for the baby - I feel like, over night, I went from being so disorganised to being the most organised person ever! 
Worst Moment: Back pains. 
Love Sophia xxx

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