Wednesday, 25 January 2017

What my toddler ate #3

I haven't done a 'what Jackson ate' in a while, so thought one was due. Some of these photo's didn't come out the best for some reason but I think you can make out what they are still. 

We started the day with Weetabix and a banana. He was still hungry afterwards, of course, so he had 2 tangerines (his favourite at the moment).
He also had 2 beakers of milk. 

He tends to miss his mid-morning snack at the moment - I think this is a combination of him waking slightly later and eating a big breakfast.

Lunch consisted of a wholemeal Sandwich Thin with cheese and some coleslaw. On the side he had some blueberries and sweetcorn. He didn't really eat the sweetcorn but ate all of the rest. 

The mid-afternoon snack was a fruit puree pouch and a few cheese biscuits. Nice and easy!

He also helped himself to a tangerine just before dinner (such a cheeky boy!). 

For dinner, I made a beef and carrot stew with sweet potato wedges. He took so long to eat it but in the end, he had most of it. He also had a yogurt for pudding. 

Before bed, I gave him his milk but it's a bit hit and miss on if he will drink it at the moment -today he wasn't interested. 

Love Sophia xxx

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