Friday, 20 January 2017

Babygrows for the New Baby

This week, instead of a 'What Jackson wore' article, I thought that I would focus a little on the new baby. 

I am getting so excited to find out what sex my baby will be. We are completely split in this household - I am so convinced that it will be a boy but Chris seems adamant that it is a girl!
Even if we do have another boy, we don't have that many babygrows because we had a lot of Jackson's first ones made into a teddy bear for his first birthday. Therefore, I have been looking into babygrows for both sexes, so I can easily find some I like when he/she makes their arrival. I have added some of my favourites below...

As I think it's a boy, I have automatically been drawn to the boy sections. The first set is from Next - I love the white one with the vehicles all over it. Not a huge fan of the blue and grey stripes but I am sure it will look cute when it's on. 

This is another Next selection but I think that, with their free next day delivery, it will be where I turn to first, once we know. I love dinosaurs, Jackson has had a few dinosaurs themed clothes. 

Jackson also had a similar one to this but the dark blue version. It was a gift from his Guide Parent just before he was born and It's from JoJo Maman Bebe, so it is a little on the more expensive side but the quality is so good. 

As much as I love babygrows, I did start to hate all the poppers after a while when Jacks was little but this one not only has doggies on it, it also has a zip instead! 
It's from M&S so you know the quality will be really good too. 

I can't believe how cheap this set from ASDA is. I really love the middle one which is plain white with the different colour vehicles, very boyish. 

Now we are moving onto the girls...

This first set is from Next and I absolutely love it. I really like all three and couldn't tell you which one is my favourite to be honest! 

Again, another from Next - they are really girly but I also love the twist of the dinosaurs on the front one. 

Peter Pan collars on baby girls are just the cutest. This one from Jojo Maman Bebe is adorable and will be a must if this baby is a girl. 

This is another Peter Pan collar but from M&S. I like that it is a velour material, meaning it will be warmer for the colder days. 

This is a bargain from ASDA, I love the floral prints on all 3. 

Which ones are your favourites? 

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Love Sophia xxx

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  1. Awww how exciting!! I loved that stage of pregnancy where you started to buy bits and bobs for the baby. Next are always a good shout for baby grows! We have quite a few of the ones you've shown :) Thanks for linking up with #weekendtotstyle and hope you've had a good weekend :) x

  2. Ahh I love looking at babygros - I want to keep my baby in them as long as possible! Next babygros are so the best, I love the funky patterns! xx

  3. Eee!! How exciting, I love Next baby grows, their prints are always so lovely. I really love that they've got dino print for the girlies too! Thank you for sharing with #weekendtotstyle x