Thursday, 26 January 2017

38 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 38 week update...

Symptoms: So, I thought that the baby may have engaged the other day but then I started feeling movement just to the side instead - I have heard that with baby number 2 they can engage and then come out again, so not sure if this is what happened or not. Saying that, towards the end of the week, the baby has been very low again, making it really difficult to move around or to pick things up. In preparation for the arrival, I have really been focusing on making sure that the baby is not back to back by bouncing loads on the ball and watching TV on all fours. 
My Braxton Hicks has been terrible this week; I must have said on 3 seperate occasions, 'this could be it!!!' Some days I have had them for most of the day but they just haven't developed into anything. 

I am really exhausted this week too, not wanting to sleep but just to rest on the sofa instead. I am really feeling like Jackson is missing out on fun stuff at the moment which has been making me a bit sad too. 
Food Cravings: Chocolate this week!
Movement: Still tons of movement all the time.
Sleep: I just keep tossing and turning throughout most of the night, which Chris had the cheek to complain about one morning, haha!!!
Things I am Missing: Drinking wine!!!
Best Moment: Getting to meet my friend's newborn, although they have made me even more impatient with waiting for mine (if that was at all possible)!
Worst Moment: Not being as mobile, I just don't want Jackson to suffer from my state.
Love Sophia xxx

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