Monday, 16 January 2017

My Hosptial Bag

I am a bit of an over-packer and I like to have everything that I might possibly need, so packing my Hospital Bag was a challenge at times! My thinking is that if taking some extra items will make you feel better, then why not take them. As we ended up with a fair amount of stuff, I have packed a seperate bag for the baby, which will be covered in a seperate blog, and for myself and Chris, we have 2 bags - one rucksack for the labour and a carry-on type bag for all of the bits needed post-labour. Below, I have listed all of the items I have packed in each bag...

The Labour bag

The first and probably most important thing I need is my maternity notes (something I always nearly forget when going to appointments etc.)!!!

Like last time I have been practising Hyponbirthing, so we are taking a speaker and the speaker charger with us, in order to play some calming music. 

For my birth with Jackson, I bought an egg light and some battery powered candles. However, I didn't use them as my eyes were shut the whole time, plus Chris was not aloud to stop massaging my back for one second, so he didn't have a chance to put them on! We are going to try and use them this time though.

Massage Oil is a big must in my books and it was a life saver last time. I had a back to back labour, so after a few hours of massaging my back, Chris needed the oil.

Another essential is a flannel and some refreshing water spray to cool me down when things get a bit heated.

Obviously, we both will be bringing our IPhones and a charger, but I think that I am going to bring my DSLR camera and the full charged spare battery too, just incase we need it. 

A few snacks are important. Again, I think that all Chris ate the whole time with Jackson was a snickers and I had one Jaffa Cake, but it's better to have them than not. I'll also throw in my water bottle and a few Lucozades, as they were a help last time.

A few people say that your feet get cold during labour, so you must take socks - I don't remember feeling this but I am throwing them in anyway.

My Bag 

I ended up in hospital for 3 nights with Jacks. Hopefully, this time, I'll be able to head home earlier but if not, I like to have all of my wash bits with me. This may be TMI but someone mentioned to me in the past to take feminine wash too, just incase you have any stitches, as it can be a bit gentler. I have also thrown in a Toothbrush for Chris (I suppose he can have some luxury!). 

Makeup is one thing I have been advised a few times before is a waste of time but for me, if I put a bit on, it makes me feel a bit better. Also, with the amount of photo's that you take in hospital, I want to look a little human, so I will definitely be taking some with me.

I have, of course, packed these lovely post-birth items; Maternity pads, nipple cream and breast feeding tablets. I have thrown in a few breast pads too but my milk didn't properly come in until I was out of hospital with Jackson, so may not need them straight away. 

Large black pants, regardless of what type of birth you have, are a must. I haven't taken a picture of these so I will let your imaginations run away with just how big I am talking! 

PJ's are a necessity, incase you have to stay in hospital, as they are always comfortable to wear after the main event. 

As previously mentioned, I was in hospital for a few days with Jackson and needed to shower there, so I will be taking some flip flops with me (when using public showers I tend to freak out if I don't wear flip flops) as well as a towel. I also used some last time for walking around the hospital, as it was so hot.

A comfortable outfit to either wear home or for the next day (if I end up staying) - I haven't packed this yet but will just grab it when the fun all starts. There are a few bits like this, such as makeup, phones and chargers, which I won't be packing until later, so I have put a list on top of the bag to make sure that I bring them all. 

Let me know if you think I have forgotten anything!

Love Sophia xxx

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