Friday, 6 January 2017

What Jackson Wore #8

Here is the first 'What Jackson Wore' of 2017, however, this time we have an older outfit, which some of you may have seen in my other blogs or vlogs but I just love it! 

Not surprisingly it's a full Zara outfit - the trousers I bought before Jackson was even 1. He was in 18-24months back then, as his belly was so big but since he has learnt to walk, he has lost some of his belly and a lot of his clothes still fit him now! The trousers look white in the picture but they are grey with blue letters all over them. 
The top is another Zara number but this was purchased in September - it's just one from their basic range.  

Took a while to get a picture this time as he was in a really cheeky mood! 

And of course, a bum pose! 

                        He looks drunk in this photo but he was just sliding down the stairs!

The same as always, this 'What Jackson Wore' blog is linking up with 'This Mama Life' and 'The Diary of an Ordinary Mum' for the #WeekendTotStyle. Visit one of their pages if you want to link up too! 

Love Sophia xxx 

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