Saturday, 12 December 2015

50 facts about me

  1. My middle name is Bethan
  2. My first pet was a hamster called Cookie
  3. I met Chris when I was seventeen years old
  4. I have a Lush obsession
  5. My first job was at Odds Farm café
  6. My Mum is from Greece
  7. My Dad was from Wales
  8. I used to play the drums
  9. I learnt Taekwondo and got to a green belt
  10. My favourite movies are Dirty Dancing and Blow
  11. My celebrity crush is Channing Tatum
  12. As a child, I was in a newspaper three times
  13. I was taught football by some of the Crystal Palace players twice
  14. I used to swim for a local swimming club
  15. I have a degree in Psychology with Child Care
  16. I was a nanny for three years
  17. My favouirte TV show is currently Pretty Little Liars
  18. I still call my Mum if I am sick
  19. The best holiday I have had was Skiing
  20. I used to live in London
  21. I lived in Wales for the first two years of my life
  22. I passed my driving test on the third time
  23. I travelled around South-East Asia for six weeks
  24. I love musicals
  25. My favourite food is Thai
  26. My favourite pudding is carrot cake
  27. I can't live without coffee
  28. After having Jackson, I started getting double vision due to the lack of sleep, SCARY!
  29. Zara is my favourite shop to shop for Jackson
  30. I love cooking
  31. Broccoli and spinach are my favourite vegetables
  32. Clean and fresh bed sheets are one of my favourite feelings
  33. I have four brother-in-laws
  34. One of my best friends is now my sister-in-law
  35. One of my best friends has been my best friend for fifteen years!!!
  36. I have one sister
  37. I have been to Greece every summer of my life apart from 2012 when I got married
  38. Being half greek, you’d think I would tan easily... I don’t
  39. My favourite zoo animal is a monkey
  40. I have two dogs
  41. I love wine
  42. My favourite colour is pink
  43. I cycled the across the north of Vietnam for 450km in 8 days
  44. I dislike my knees
  45. I have size six feet
  46. I first walked at ten months
  47. My favourite fruit is Mango
  48. I am a shopaholic
  49. Christmas is my favourite time of year
  50. I am a Christmas baby
 Love Sophia xx

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