Sunday, 13 December 2015

Top Christmas Movies

As the nights are getting dark at around 4:00pm and the weather is getting cold, I think that it is fair to say that we all tend to start watching a lot more movies! During the Christmas period, there are loads on TV and I especially love Christmas movies.

I think that my favourite one is Elf. Its about an elf that finds out he was adopted and travels to New York to find his biological father. Its such a feel good movie and has one of my favourite actors in; Will Ferrell.

The Holiday is such a chick flick but I love it! It has an all star cast, including the dreamy Jude Law. It's not an overly Christmassy movie, unlike Elf, which is like Christmas has thrown up into a movie!

I think that another brilliant movie is Love Actually. Again, it has an all star cast and not too Christmassy. I love the start of the movie in the Airport and LOVE the part when Hugh Grant dances to Girls Aloud! Hilarious!

A fairly new one to my Christmas list is 'Arthur Christmas'. This is an animated children's movie, which gives a modern twist on Santa. I have heard that they might be thinking about a number 2!

Jingle All The Way stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wants to buy a certain toy for his son which turns out to be quite difficult! I think this might be one I'll watch tonight, as Chris loves it!

The Grinch seems to always be on TV around Christmas and every time I see it on I sigh 'not again', but as soon as it starts I am hooked! It's a funny one with Jim Carrey playing the Grinch, who hates Christmas and tries to spoil it for the town.

Let me know what your favourite Christmas movie is!

Love Sophia xx

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