Thursday, 17 December 2015

Baby gift guide

Christmas is fast approaching and I have loved buying presents for Jackson. I thought that I would share some gift ideas for babies! 

I think that this is a gorgeous addition to a baby's room. We have a mobile in Jackson's room but have put it above the changing table and Jackson loves looking at it. 

We have bought this for Jackson for Christmas and it looks so much fun! It plays music and shoots the balls out, what more do you need! 

This is such an old school toy but I think they are brilliant for babies, as it helps them walk and they have the wooden blocks to play with as well. This is on Jackson's wish list!

Again, another wooden toy! This one looks simple and classy, unlike some other baby toys. This is great for their hand and eye coordination.

We go to a baby sensory class and they have one of these there, which Jackson loves. He's not old enough to be on it by himself but with my help he loves jumping up and down (and chewing on the ears!).

Jackson has had this for a while and LOVES it. This has to be one of his favourites. It plays music and rolls around the floor. 

I had to include a book into the selection. I love books and enjoy reading to Jackson, not that he understands a thing! This one, I thought, was a good idea. It has a little toy to go with it and the touchy feely aspect might make it more interesting for Jackson.

Let me know what you have brought any little ones in your family! 

Love Sophia xx

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