Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter Pamper Evening

I love a good pamper evening. I have to admit, they are few and far between now but even more appreciated when I do get the time!

First things first is I get my self a glass of wine...

Once the important part is done, I start running the bath and light some candles.

Under the running water, I add a bath product. This time it was some of the 'Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds' from Lush. I only use a little bit of this each time and it still completely fills the bath with bubbles. Once the bath is run I added Butterbear, also from Lush.

I switch on Spotify and play some music - what type of music completely depends on what mood I am in. Tonight, I chose one of their Christmas playlists.

Before getting in, I cleanse my face and then put a face mask on. At the moment, I have a simple Superdrug one. I also put coconut oil onto my hair, which makes my hair feel amazing afterwards!

I spend the next hour soaking in the tub. After my hair is washed, legs are shaved and my hands are like a prune, it's time to get out.

Out comes the coconut oil again but this time for my body, which makes it 'baby soft'!

Once I am dry, I then start on the nails - tonight I picked something a bit glittery (well, it is Christmas after all)!

Let me know what you do on your pamper evening.

Love Sophia xx

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