Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Tree

Normally, Chris and I head to this tiny little farm that sells Christmas trees, during the Christmas season, to pick one up for our house. However, this year we have a certain little 8 month old who is crawling and into grabbing everything! Therefore, we thought that we would get a fake one to go in the corner of the room where Jackson can't get to it (we'll let you know how that goes)!
We are hoping to go back to a real one again next year so we picked this one up from Wilkinson's for the bargain price of £20. 

We have a bit of a theme with our decorations which consists of all the baubles having red, white or silver. We have collected the baubles over the last few years, picking up a few new ones each year. I thought I would share some of my favourite ones with you!

This is a new one that I picked up when buying the tree. I love the modern twist it gives (plus, it is good that it is soft, so if Jackson does get to the tree, this one can't be broken!).

This one was bought two years ago when I went to Lapland with a friend of mine.

Can't remember where this is from but I love it. It is a glass, shaped bird with white flowers covering it. 

Again, can't remember where this is from. This bauble is wrapped in ribbon and I love the way that it shimmers next to the lights. 

This one was from John Lewis last year and I love the vintage look it has. 

This one was brought from a Christmas fair and is beautifully hand painted. 

Let me know where your favourite baubles are from!

Love Sophia xx

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