Monday, 14 December 2015

Being a Dad

Jackson being born was the most amazing (and terrifying) experience of my life. I remember the feeing I had when I first heard his cry, as he arrived into the world. That was the amazing part and the feeling was an overwhelmingly happy one, unlike any I had felt before. It was everything that was happening before hand that was the terrifying part because after a very long labour, Sophia had to have an Emergency C-Section, as Jackson seemed perfectly happy where he was and despite making very good progress throughout the day, he obviously changed his mind at the grand finale! I know tons of people every day have a C-Section and it is a perfectly safe and standard procedure, but when the two people you love most in the world (one of which you haven’t even met yet) are whisked off into pretty major surgery, it becomes a scary experience! However, the moment Jackson was out and we heard his cry, all of the scary stuff was suddenly forgotten and it then transformed into the happiest moment of my life.

Leading up to the big day, I would get nervous thinking about being a Dad, as it feels like such a life changing thing, and I would always feel like I wasn’t quite ready for it. However, from the minute Jackson arrived, there was no time to worry about it anymore, as you are just thrown into the role and it all just seems to come naturally as you just get on with it and learn as you go.

 I had two weeks off for paternity leave when Jackson was born and, although most of it was spent indoors adjusting to life with a baby and putting up with tons of visitors, it was more fun than any holiday I have ever had. Even though both Sophia and I were exhausted most of the time, there was something about lazing around whilst taking care of and cuddling our little boy, and taking him on little trips into town in the daytime, that was great.

 We had been together for nearly 10 years when Jackson arrived, but it was only then that Sophia learnt something about me; when tired enough, I can sleep anywhere! The night we came home with him was dreadful and we got absolutely no sleep. The next morning, we had to take him to the hospital for a check up at 8:00am and whilst in the waiting room, I had been sat down for less than 30 seconds when I fell asleep bolt up right in the chair!

A lot has changed since those first few weeks of Jacks’ life. I am obviously back at work, which can be difficult at times, not being able to spend all day with the two of them. However, I love it when I walk in the door in the evening and creep into whatever room they are both in – the look on Jackson’s face when he sees me is priceless! He gives me a massive grin from ear to ear and starts laughing. This period at the moment is especially exciting, as he seems to be doing something new everyday. Just the other day whilst I was at work, Sophia called me and I could hear him saying ‘da-da-da-da’. I couldn’t wait to get home and see him!

There is no doubt that becoming a Dad was the most nerve-racking thing I have ever done but I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!


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