Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Jumpers

I love Christmas jumpers and have a few already, but I still like to keep an eye out for new ones each year! This year I have even been able to buy some for Jackson too which has been mega exciting! 

Here are a few of my favourite ones: 

Now this one is a brilliant Christmas jumper! There is no subtle Christmas theme - it is just screaming Christmas!

This one is soooo cute. It is pretty cheesy but I think I like it so much because there are three polar bears on it, just like my family!
This is a more classy Christmas jumper. It's not in your face but still a little Christmassy!

This one seems to be a favourite this year. It's more of a sweater material, so no itchiness and the slogan its quite a funny one. 
Of course, I had to share a few of my favourites for Jackson too! Here they are:

I think this is so cute! Plus, I think you could get away with this generally during winter.

Now this one is exactly what you think of when you hear Christmas jumper. I love the bright colours and the huge nose! 
This one is really sweet, not in your face but just enough so you know what time of year it is! The robin is such a lovely touch. 

I had to throw in an over-the-top jumper. I think it is so funny and love that the lights are 3D!

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas jumper wish list. Let me know where you have got yours from this year! 

Love Sophia xx 

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