Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Leftover Turkey Recipes

It seems tradition that everyone, at Christmas, gets a massive turkey to feed way more people than they have coming for lunch! I love eating turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day but after a few, it gets a bit tiresome. I have found four very yummy alternative left over recipes, all from Good Food. Here they are...

  1. Christmas Pizza. This first one I found I think would be a perfect one for Chris, who is obsessed with pizza! This uses left over sausage meat and the turkey. 
  2. Turkey Singapore Noddles. This one sounds so yummy. It also uses the the left over ham from Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. 
  3. Moroccan Turkey Salad. During the Christmas period, I eat so much good food, so I like this one as its a bit lighter and with the pomegranate, it makes it a little sweet which I love the idea of. Plus, this is a super quick recipe. 
  4. Turkey Noodle Soup. This one seems the easiest of all the recipes. And with so few ingredients, it seems the cheapest too but sounds just as nice.
Let me know what your favourite left over turkey recipe is!

Love Sophia xx

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