Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Jackson's Nursery

The majority of the Nursery was done when Jackson was still in my tummy but since then, we have added some more of the decorations.

I loved designing and making his room, there was a lot of Pinterest going on to get some ideas while planning it. At the bottom of the page, you can find links to show where everything is from.

Jackson's room is the smallest room of the house, so an idea I had was to change the door to a bi-folding door, which opened up the room loads. Have to admit, Chris did find this very complicated to fit as it meant changing the door lining!

I was given the two signs on the door after Jackson was born and think they look brilliant hanging on the door handle.
Going around the room from the right corner, we have a basket from TKMax on the floor, with his books and a couple of toys incase he wants to play in his room. In front of that, he has this toy dog which one of his Uncles brought him. I love wooden toys and even though Jacks is too small to pull it along, he likes to play with the wheels!
Then on to his cot, which is from John Lewis. I wasn't going to get any bumpers but during the night he would constantly throw his dummy out or get his arms stuck between the bars. After recommendations, I went with the Air Wrap. In the corner he has two teddies; one I got at my baby shower and the other from Jellycat, which Chris bought.
Above his bed, he has this gorgeous J from TKMax and a foot and hand print frame from Baby rice.
Then we have his bookcase from Argos. On the top shelf, he has a bear that was given to me by my dad when I was born, an orient express bear from his Guide Parent and, of course, a Liverpool bear that was given as a gift by a friend at my baby shower.
On the next shelf, we have a globe that was given to me from my grandma's house, a little tiger from another one of Jacks' uncles, a money box, a picture of me and my dad and then finally we have an elephant and a nightlight, both given as gifts to Jackson.
I love his curtains with the grey background and white stars from John Lewis, they are blackout curtains to help Jackson sleep when it is light outside.
Then on his window sill, Jackson was given this train with his name on, again by another one of Jackson's Uncles and Aunty. Everyone who sees his room complements me on this, and it is one of my favourites!!
I was looking for ages for a mobile and then I came across this one from Not On The Highstreet. It was very expensive but I think it works well in the nursery. We decided to put it above the changing table to attempt to make Jacks to stay still when we are changing his nappy!!

We found this set of drawers and wardrobe from John Lewis. The drawers has the changing mat on top. As Jacks gets older, the changing part can be removed. The changing mat is white with grey stars from Mothercare. We keep a few essentials on top and a couple of toys for Jackson to play with while he is getting his nappy changed.
On top of the wardrobe, we have two baskets from TKMax, where we keep some spare clothes and overflow nappies etc..
Love Sophia xx

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