Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Eve Box

I have been searching the internet for other people's Christmas traditions that I could start with my family.

One I loved was a Christmas eve box! Obviously Jackson is still too young to understand Christmas so at the moment this is mainly for our enjoyment!

I picked up the box from TKMax

Inside the box I have some PJ's for Jackson to wear on Christmas eve. I got these from Primark.

For Christmas day, I have brought Jackson a plate and bowl to have his Christmas dinner on. Both are from Matalan.

Of course, Jackson needed a bib for his dinner and I found this amazing one from Tesco!

I will add these into the box next year as they are a bit old for him but theses will be to read during the day and before bed.

I am yet to put this in, however as this year it is mainly for our enjoyment, I will be putting in a bottle of Prosecco also!

In the future as Jackson gets older, I will include craft activities to do during the day on Christmas eve, DVD's to watch and maybe even some treats to eat!

Let me know what traditions you share as a family.

Love Sophia xx

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