Sunday, 6 December 2015

A day in the life (In Photos)

Our morning normally starts anywhere between 7am and, on a lucky day, 8am!
Today was at 7:10am. The first thing to do any morning is change Jackson's nappy and then I give him a bottle in bed. 
We then go downstairs for breakfast.
Today, I had toast with marmite and Jackson had porridge.
Next, it was time for some playing!
At about 9:30am to 10am it is Jackson's nap time. Today he went down at 9:30am.
This is always when I make the most of my free time and go and get myself ready for the day.
Before I knew it, Jacks was up and recharged, so time to get him ready and give him his second bottle.
We thought that we would take the doggies for a walk around the lakes near our house today.
When we got home, it was lunchtime. Jackson had rice cakes with philadelphia, celery, cucumber and  pepper sticks, with some greek yogurt and cherries for pudding. Chris and I had a cheese and ham wrap.
After a little more playing, it was time for his nap. I normally take this opportunity to either clean or blog but today we put up the Christmas decorations.
When Jacks wakes, its time for another bottle.
Then we showed him all the decorations and had some more play time. (of course, this mainly consisted of putting the decorations in his mouth!).
Before we knew it, it was Jackson's dinner time (5pm). Today, he had Chicken noodles with peas and spinach.
After dinner, he had his bath and this is when the bedtime routine starts. If Chris is at work, I normally start it and then Chris takes over when he arrives home. I take this opportunity to tidy up the day's mess and start dinner for the two of us.

Jackson is normally asleep by 7pm and then Chris comes down for dinner. Tonight we had homemade beef stir fry.
Then it is our time! Chris will often do some work and I will tidy up after dinner. And of course, then it is time to chill on the sofa and watch TV.
Normally at around 10pm, we head up to bed ourselves to get some much needed sleep before the next day of fun!

Love Sophia xx

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