Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Cake Decoration

You may have seen my previous blog about making my Christmas Cake. I thought I would share the next step with you - how I decorate it! I love making cakes but not the decoration part so much, I always have an idea in my head which is so creative and fancy but how it turns out is never the same! 

Most recipes use apricot jam, however, we didn't have any as I simply forgot to buy some! So I used strawberry jam instead. I heated the strawberry jam and covered the cake in it. 

I then rolled out the marzipan and layered it over the cake.

Then it was time for more strawberry jam!

I then rolled out the icing and laid over the cake too.

As I previously mentioned, I am no Mary Berry when it comes to decoration, so I bought some snow flake decorations and laid them on top. Some may say thats cheating but I would say it's clever, haha! 

The finish was a bit bumpy but overall I don't think it looks too bad! However, I will have to wait until Christmas to do the taste test!

Sophia xx

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