Friday, 11 December 2015

Flash back Friday

As the 25th is fast approaching and the excitement of our first Christmas with our beautiful boy builds, I thought I would share with you all my typical Christmas when I was a child.

I have always loved the lead up to Christmas as well as Christmas Day its self. With my Mum, Dad and Sister and, most years, my Yaya, our Christmas celebration would start on Christmas-eve, when we would put our Christmas stockings out and leave a carrot for Rudolf and a drink for Santa (always suspiciously half munched and drank by the next morning!). We would always try to go to bed early so we could get up first thing in the morning, however, we were always too excited to go to sleep so would lay in bed for ages staring at the ceiling!

Christmas Day as a child was always spent at home with family all around. My sister and I would get up super early and race into our parents room to wake them up! One year, Mum and Dad had the idea to put our stockings at the end of our beds as a surprise when we woke up, but that meant that we woke up at 5am demanding to open them so, needless to say, the years after that they were put back downstairs.

After getting up and frantically waking our parents, we would race downstairs to open some of our presents. However, we were always made to wait for my Dad to set up the camcorder and for my Mum and Yaya (Grandma) to come downstairs. By the time they were ready for us to start, I felt like I was going to explode with excitement!

After opening all of our amazing presents, we would play with them all whilst having our Breakfast. Then we would reluctantly get dressed in our Christmas outfits for the day, before heading back downstairs to open some more presents from other family members (spoilt rotten, I know)!

After mountains of presents and bags full of wrapping paper, my Mum would start making a feast for lunch (the turkey would already be in the oven of course) and at around 2:00pm, we would sit down to have our meal. Like most families, we would pull crackers and put on the silly hats and read the semi-funny (emphasis on SEMI) jokes!

Then, for the rest of the evening, there would be more playing and sometimes a Christmas movie.

Christmas for me is all about family and enjoying spending the day with them. I cant wait to start our own family traditions!

How 90's do my parents look! And how glamours does Yaya look! 

I am a christmas baby born on the 27th!

What was your typical family Christmas like growing up?

Love Sophia xx

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