Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Week in Photo's

I have put together my week in photos for you, including some really Christmassy days and some general, everyday-life days too. Enjoy... 

Jackson spent his first night in his new room last night. He slept in until 8:30am, which he hasn't done in ages!!! Typically, it was when I was working though, so I had been up since 6:30am anyway!

One of our dogs needs to get regular hair cuts, as his hair grows really long and really quickly, so today he went in for his Christmas hair-do (the next one we have booked is potentially just after baby no. 2 is here, so we will see if it has to be rescheduled!!!). Look how cute he is, he also made it onto the groomer's facebook page, proper fashion pooch!

This is a snippet of what my day involved; Jackson refusing to do anything I asked him to do. I was trying to get him dressed when I took this photo, so he ran and hid inbetween the cot and the wardrobe!! Cheeky Monkey!

We went over to Jackson's cousin's house and his Aunty Claire cooked them both some lovely dinner. It's always so mad when they get together but good fun!!

Chris had the day off so we went up to London and had a look at some of the sights. Jackson loved walking around Winter Wonderland!

Jackson and I had a stay at home day today. In the evening, Chris and I had a Christmas themed night, we watched Elf and wrote our Christmas cards.

We had a busy day racing around seeing different people but we did manage to buy a Christmas tree. We didn't get time to decorate it but it's up at least!

Love Sophia xxx

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