Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Winter Pamper Evening

On a normal pamper evening, I would have a glass of wine but seen as I am pregnant, a cup of de-cafe coffee had to do instead!

I then ran a bath with a tablespoon of coconut oil and of course a Lush bath bomb.

While the bath was running, I took all of my make up off and cleansed my face. Afterwards, I used a Lush face mask. I also covered my hair in coconut oil for a deep condition (sorry, I couldn't do a sensible photo when I looked so odd!!!).

Just before I got in the bath, I lit some candles and set the iPad up to watch some Netflix.

Once I was in the bath, I shaved my legs and washed my hair. I try to leave my conditioner in for as long as possible, normally waiting until just before I get out before washing the conditioner out. By this point my hands and feet have usually aged due to the water!

After getting out of the bath, I have been covering myself in stretch-mark cream and lots of body cream to fight off the pregnancy stretch-marks.

Next, it was on to my nails. I used two Barry M nail varnishes - the first one was Almond and then over the top I put some of the limited edition glitter one.

Once I was groomed and relaxed, I got into bed with a good book. I am currently reading 'The Island' by Victoria Hislop, which a friend gave to me ages ago but I have only just really got into it! 

Let me know what your favourite relaxing activities are. 

Love Sophia xxx

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